Welcome to my Website

I always struggle with what to write on the very first post on a blog. On one hand, I want it to be fantastic and engaging, but experience reminds me that the first post on a new website often is the least visited. Oh well! Gotta start somewhere and get it out of the way.

Welcome to my website. 

This will be my home base on the internet. I know lots of authors enjoy being all-over social media, but I personally don't. Why? Well, they're a bit of a black hole of time. I have a Facebook page which I'll link to, but I don't post there often - I promise to post important things though like releases! At this stage, I'm also not starting a newsletter. I know, most websites have them, but do you realise how many you sign up to and delete without reading? Yep. So everything important will be right here.

What will I post about?

This will probably vary depending on what I'm working on. I might post about the research I'm doing for a book, discuss my favorite characters, chat about books that inspire me, and also give a glimpse behind-the-scenes of who and what is involved to bring an independent novel to publication.

What do I write? 

This is an easy question to answer. Young Adult (YA) is my passion. I do have a couple of novels that will be more New Adult (NA).

I write a lot of dark fantasy and urban fantasy, the odd thriller, and I'm dabbling in a thriller. I'll chat more about my novels in later posts.

Come join me on my journey,
because even if you don't like my books,
you might like the other posts!


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