Good Luck, Bad Luck: Cover Reveal

Here is my cover reveal for Good Luck, Bad Luck. As soon as I have a preorder date I will add it to the information! At this point I will be making it available in Kindle Unlimited (KU) as well!

A Glimpse at Three Things I'm Working On

It's been a busy few weeks for me in regards to writing. Good Luck, Bad Luck now has a finalised cover which I will reveal next week. I am just waiting for my book to be formatted and it's ready to be released.

Good Luck, Bad Luck: Blurb Reveal

Just an update of where the release is at for Good Luck, Bad Luck. It is unfortunately delayed after an unexpected event just before Christmas which took until the beginning of February to resolve. It does mean that the release will be delayed. I'm tentatively hoping that it will be released in May 2020.

Good Luck, Bad Luck: The Protagonist

Not all girls are strong and fierce. Some are quiet and determined. I believe in varying my protagonists to be inclusive of many personality types.