A Glimpse at Three Things I'm Working On

It's been a busy few weeks for me in regards to writing. Good Luck, Bad Luck now has a finalised cover which I will reveal next week. I am just waiting for my book to be formatted and it's ready to be released.

I wanted to chat a little about the other projects that I'm currently working on. All these are in various stages from the first draft to final edits. 


I will be releasing this one mid-year. I've been in contact with the designer over the past few days as we finalise the cover.

This is an upper YA, urban fantasy series and focuses on a teen who ends up at an academy she doesn't want to be at. There is magic, mystery, adventure, and acceptance. I have quite a bit to reveal about this series, especially my protagonist and I'm taking extra care with her.


This book is in final edits at the moment. This is upper-YA and features a male protagonist. 

Hunted is quite different from what I usually write. This is contemporary and features no magic. It's been an interesting journey writing this book as it touches on some personal experiences as well as including my son's passion for sharks.


I already have the final cover for this upper-YA fantasy. It features a female protagonist and dragons feature heavily in this book. This book really focuses on the concept of believing what you're told versus discovering the truth yourself.  

I've had a lot of fun writing this one and can't wait to share more about it (and the fabulous cover). I can say that I finished the first draft of it this morning!