Favourite Folk and Fairy Tales?

With COVID-19 causing more than a little disruption across the globe I haven't had much of a chance to get writing. As things slowly return back into routine here, and with a slightly more "normal" I've started going back over a series I started last year. 

I'm a big fan of folk tales and fairytales, to me personally there are slight differences between the two but both are primarily read as kids. When I was a kid I had this cassette and book set called Story Teller that was produced by Marshall-Cavendish. I adored listening to these stories while following along in the book waiting for the "ding" to turn the page.

Perhaps then it only makes sense that I would eventually decide to do a fairytale retelling series. I started a retelling of Sleeping Beauty last year but then noticed that there were so many retellings coming out I felt it would be a bit too overloaded, so I moved onto my dark urban fantasy trilogy instead (more about that later).

Of course, the idea got restarted as I have been watching a cover from one of my favourite graphic designers. She listed it at the beginning of the year and I have kept going back to it and yesterday I caved and grabbed it. That will become the cover for a Rapunzel retelling but I wondered...

What's your favourite folk or fairytale? 

I'm especially interested in ones that are perhaps not as well known in English.