Ghost of a Ride (If You Dare, 1)

Ghost of a Ride
Series: If You Dare, 1

Genre: Light Horror / Supernatural
Audience: Middle Grade (MG)
Release Date: 1st October 2021
Publisher: Miraworth Books
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-6488363-2-2
ISBN (paperback): TBA
Cover Designer: Creative Cover Book Designs

Keywords: ghosts, legends, urban myths, Halloween

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It had been abandoned for years but it wasn't empty.

Jemma had walked past the old amusement park on a regular basis and it was no big deal. She had bigger things to worry homework.

Then a school project leads her to learn about some mysterious and regular disappearances of kids around Halloween...and Halloween is almost here.

A dare with a friend leads to a late-night adventure at the park but not all of them will be able to escape.

The park isn't empty and it's about to claim another victim.

Language: mild
Sexual content: none