Something Right: Announcement

Recently I posted that I was to be included in a paranormal romance (PNR) anthology. I am writing this to say that I am no longer in it. Further, I wish to apologise for those who purchased a copy of the anthology thinking the content would be similar in vein to my own style and content

This was a professional decision that I felt necessary to make. No contract had been signed for the story to be published in the anthology. Having seen the cover, which indicated a clean read and that all participating authors had voted on, I assumed the content would be in line with it. Had I been aware of that I would have recognised it as being at odds with my own style and declined to be included. In addition, I was not aware of the full extent of the language and content the other stories would include until it was due to be published and had thought the two volumes would separate the clean stories from the steamy ones.